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Alpha Online

Honest Questions, Honest Conversation

Are you uncertain about Christianity? Skeptical? Or Curious?

You are not alone in your questions!

Recent studies show the vast majority of Americans, including those who attend church, don’t have anywhere near an accurate understanding of the Christian faith, what Jesus teaches, and what it’s really all about.  Consider making, and immediately fulfilling, a new year’s resolution to honestly press into those questions and uncertainties—you might just discover something that radically changes your life for the good.

Come, check it out January 10th—

if you enjoy it enough and if it is worth it to you,

stick with it and discover why millions of people like you

recommend the Alpha Course

When:       Starting Sunday, January 10 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM,

ending April 11 (off on February 14)

Where:      From the comfort of your living room on Zoom

Cost:          Completely free of charge