Church @ Home

Engage with the corporate worship experience in a meaningful, relational way at home.

Church @ Home:

Removing Barriers to Experiencing Church and Faith in Community

Lots of things can discourage or prevent us from going to church. One of the healthy things Covid19 has brought to church is the challenge to reimagine church in a way that reaches more people, right where they are at. Whether it is due to Covid19, work or family schedule, physical distance or disability, or just not being ready to go through the doors of the church, we want to encourage the building of meaningful relationships where we stay connected, be the church, and worship together.

We're introducing a new way to church as part of Quest called Church@Home. The goal is to help you experience a time when you and friends gather, in person or online, to worship along with Quest’s services, discuss the message, see how each other is doing, pray and live life together.

You can decide to have Church@Home on Saturday evenings, Sunday evenings, even Wednesday evenings.

This is not a substitute for small groups, but it is a way to engage with the corporate worship experience in a meaningful, relational way at home.

This might look like any of the following:

  • During Covid’s social distancing, gathering your quarantine circle of friends together in one of your homes to watch the Quest services, discuss and pray together. And if you have kids, use the materials provided by the children’s ministry and do a short children’s ministry time right there at home.
  • Gathering several families together on Zoom (Quest will pay for a subscription to help you do this) and watching the service together, discussing, praying and doing something for the kids online.
  • A combination of gathering in person or online. Maybe you and another family gather your quarantine circles of friends together at your two homes and connect via Zoom at the same time.

If you are older or of another high at risk population during Covid, we encourage you to learn to use Zoom (we can help you) and stay connected. We know online is not the same as in person, but its better than not connecting at all.

We will be gradually getting Church@Home groups up and running beginning in early August. So let us know your interest and we will start helping to make the connections so that whether we can get out and be at Quest on Sundays or not, we can build meaningful church community.

If you are interested in becoming a community builder and gathering people for Church@Home, or if you would like to be part of a Church@Home group, please fill out the form below and let us know.