Here are some options for how to give to Quest

Live your dream of generosity! 

As followers of Jesus, generosity is our joyful expression of our love and trust in how absolutely generous and loving God is to us.

Click the button below to give online and select what fund you want to give to: General (tithe), QuestCARE, Children outreach, Russian missions, or Russia: Autism Care Center

We encourage you to give something above your normal giving to QuestCARE, which supplies benevolence to those facing difficult financial times, as well as counseling scholarships, largely through Thrive Counseling and Coaching (a division of Quest).  

Quest puts 7 to 10% of our annual general budget toward local and international outreach and missions. We use some of the missions money to leverage the raising of additional funds and in-kind giving through events like the End Poverty Plus Community Event each fall. Between general budget and additional raised funds we get to give away 12 to 20 percent of the money we receive each year into worthy causes reaching people at risk in our own community in addition to the impact the ministries and staff of Quest make everyday for those in need around us.

Because of your giving we get to make a significant contribution to feeding those in need, supporting people struggling financially with job coaching, lifting people out of hopeless or oppressed circumstances, all while sharing the love of Jesus with them and our love. Here are just some of the organizations we support relationally and financially: Westerville Area Resource Ministry (WARM), Russian missions through Todd Roese’s church and Autism Care Collective, Tutoring at risk children in Westerville, Chloe’s effort to break the cycle of poverty among teen moms, and Out of Darkness’ efforts to free people from human trafficking, along with an annual coat drive, youth short-term mission trips, and so much more.

Here are some instructions for giving:

Whichever option you use below, the first time you will need to select Quest Vineyard Church as your home church, and then setup your payment method (ACH or Credit Card).

  • Download the Church Center App on your iOS or Android phone, and you can quickly and easily manage your giving and so much more, like registering for events, checking your kids ahead of time, and more communication with friends and groups at Quest.
  • Give through the Click Here to Give linked image at
  • Text a dollar amount to 84321.
  • You can give by check, cash, or credit/debit card at Quest on Sunday mornings.
  • If you prefer to mail a check, our office address is 4901 Central College Rd. Westerville, OH 43081.
  • If you use a Bill Pay system through your bank, one convenient way to give is to setup Quest giving using the 4901 Central College Rd. address, and the bank will mail your check to us.
  • Recurring giving can be setup through the Church Center App or through the Click Here to Give link. 

Want to help us save a lot in fees? Choose ACH giving instead of Credit Card Giving—which means you choose to have the draft come from your bank account rather than giving via credit card. 

If you choose ACH, then you will enter your bank’s routing number and the account number you want the draft to come out of. Your bank or credit card info is NOT viewable by Quest or even by Planning Center Online. That bank information is handled by the backend merchant account provider, Stripe, one of the biggest and best-known names in online payments. 

ACH giving will incur a fee of 25 cents per transaction and 0% of the gift amount—meaning only 25 cents no matter how much you give.  

Credit card giving is 42 cents per transaction and 2.15% of the transaction amount. 

Our online giving has the option for you to check a box and it will increase your gift by the amount of the fees, if you so choose to check that box.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at