Meet the Staff

Say hello to the leadership team at Quest

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Quest Vineyard Church. Got questions for the lead team at Quest? Contact us by clicking here.

Ross Adelmann - Lead Pastor

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Ross’ journey has taken him from Minnesota to every one of the ‘O’ states. He describes himself as an “_ucks” fan—Ducks before Bucks. As the lead pastors, Ross loves seeing people connecting to God, discovering how God wired them to make a difference, and living in the joy of deep friendships. In his free time, he loves hiking, kayaking, wildlife, mountains, and oceans—especially when he gets to enjoy those things with Wendy and their grown children, Derek, Elise, Jared, and their daughter-in-law, Cara. 

Jeremy Shelley - Associate Pastor

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Jeremy is a native Texan, but don’t hold that against him. As the Associate Pastor, Jeremy gets to live out his passion of seeing families thrive in their faith. He enjoys finding new adventures to go on with his wife Alexis and his three children, Lofton, Lillian, and Lorelei. 

Wendy Adelmann - Creative Pastor & Counseling Center Director

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Wendy enjoys people. She values helping others see their strengths and how they can connect with God more. Wendy oversees creative elements of the church and the Thrive Counseling and Coaching Center, where she is also a counselor. Her favorite things are spending time with her husband of 34 years and her 3 adults kids, hiking and kayaking, and relaxing with friends. 

Stephanie Sheppard - Children Ministries' Director

Stephanie is an educator who loves helping teach children about Jesus. Watching a child develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus is truly a gift. She is an Ohio native from the Y-City.  Stephanie enjoys reading, travel, and helping others.

Todd Roese - Pastor of Community Engagement

Todd defies the conventional mold of a preacher with a natural gift for storytelling and a wild testimony of a radically changed life and 25 active years in Russia spreading the Gospel of Christ, mentoring missionaries, establishing churches, and spearheading an Austism center while navigating through the intricate political and religious landscapes. As he likes to say, he's seen it all—the good, the bad, and the borscht!

Following his schooling at Westerville South and Otterbein University, with a brief stint in banking, Todd exchanged his suit for a parka and rabbit furred shoes and moved to Russia. Helping him dodge falling icicles and government inspections for the last 20 years has been Todd's lovely wife, Katya, and their five children. Upon returning to Ohio, Todd has been busy re-perfecting his Ohio drawl and adjusting to the world of American parenthood (i.e., driver, chauffeur, kids' personal assistant).

Whether delivering inspiring sermons at Quest, extending a helping hand to the immigrant community in Columbus or overseeing the operations of the church and autism center in Russia from afar, Todd's dedication knows no bounds, and his greatest desire is to witness the power of Christ transform the lives of others as it has done in his.

Nicole Lawson - Pastor of Connections

Nicole serves as the Pastor of Connections at Quest and is also on staff as a licensed mental health therapist at Thrive Counseling and Coaching, which is a mental health counseling ministry through Quest. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two children and spending time with her pets and friends.

Ian Hayes - Worship Leader

Missy Miller - Office Administrator & Facility Scheduler


Missy serves as the Office Administrator and Facility Scheduler. She has a husband and 3 kids who keep her busy, as she has been homeschooling for ten years. Now that her kids are getting older, Missy decided to enter the workforce again part time. She enjoys cheering for her 3 favorite football teams: The Ohio State Buckeyes, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Columbus Crusaders, where her daughter Eliana is a varsity cheerleader, her son Braden plays middle school football and son Lucas plays flag football and basketball.

Pauli Rancourt - Financial Coordinator

Pauli hails from Northern Minnesota and joins Quest staff remotely, working “in the cloud” from her home office where she enjoys an empty nest with her husband Jim. The nest has frequent visitors (4 adult children and 4 grandchildren), and Pauli enjoys working part-time with numbers and caring for her grandchildren part-time, as well. Her background includes non-profit administration and cloud bookkeeping, which is what drew her to Quest. When circumstances allow, Pauli and Jim can be found walking the rugged, majestic Oregon and Washington beaches, their favorite of God’s natural creations!