Youth (6th - 12th)

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We understand that High School and Middle School years can be a difficult time for students to connect with others. We also know that building relationships is very important to students as they navigate the process of growing up. FUSION is designed for students to make connections that count – connection with God, friends, and mentors.

Join us on Sunday nights at 6 to build lasting connections and have fun!

Jeremy Shelley

Family Life Pastor


Fusion worship service Sundays at 6 PM in the Fusion room

MileStones Wednesdays at 6:30 PM


Quest Youth ministry understands that there are several important moments in a student’s life as they mature. For this reason, we have created our MileStone program. MileStones are the moments in a student's life that need to be celebrated, taught about, or discussed. 

So we spend time on Wednesday nights meeting with our students to learn about what God has to say about those meaningful moments in their lives. For instance, we want to talk to our sixth graders about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Or we like to talk to our high school students about how to have a healthy Christian relationship with a significant other. There are many different issues and things that our students face that we want to discuss, so we invite them to join us on Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM in the Fusion room for these discussions. If you would like to receive a schedule of our MileStone classes, please email 

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