Quest Kids (Birth - 5th Grade)

Learn about our children's ministry

Developing Healthy Strong Friendships

Growing Confident, Faith Filled People

Teaching the Next Generation to Serve Lovingly

In fun, safe, practical, Biblical ways

You want your kids to be confident, faith-filled people of strong character. So do we!  

That’s the reason we work so hard to help kids know how much God loves them, learn healthy spiritual habits so they develop their own relationship with God, and know how wonderfully He has made them!

You want great friends for your kids. So do we!  

Friendship is at the core of our mission, which we often say in this way: Relationships Are the Mission.

You want your kids to be passionate about making a difference in this world. So do we!  

That’s the reason we create regular opportunities, big and small, for kids to learn to serve others and learn to lead.

You want your kids to have fun and be safe. So do we!  

That’s the reason every volunteer is background checked, trained, and supported in growing as leaders who create a fun, welcoming, encouraging, growing environment for our children.

We’d love for you to join us as a volunteer making a positive difference in kids' lives

….and like so many of our team members, you might just discover how fun and fulfilling it is for you to be a part of your kids' lives in that way. Especially for dads—you could be the coolest dad on the planet in your kids eyes if you join the children’s ministry team.  

We make it easy to for you to serve and lead as a children’s ministry team leader.  

The curriculum is easy to follow and prepared for you. We teach Biblical truths in practical, fun ways. And most of our team members don’t teach, they simply ask questions provided for them, facilitate fun games and activities and they do the most important thing of all: they greet the kids with warmth and fun, believe in them, encourage them, and help the children experience the love of God simply by being there for them.