Vineyard Affiliation

Quest is part of the Association of Vineyard Churches

Quest Vineyard Church is part of the growing Vineyard USA church movement— an affiliation of independent, like-minded churches seeking to do together much more than we can do alone. Vineyard is one of the leanest, best run church organizations in the world. The movement's history is one of revolutionizing modern worship; being evangelically orthodox in its theology while incorporating the charismatic gifts of the Spirit in relationally friendly ways; placing value on the power of community; and being focused on caring for those in need in a way that lifts them up and restores in them the sense of dignity worthy of a person created in the image of God.

Through our participation in the Vineyard movement, our youth get to participate in dynamic camp and conference experiences, Quest staff receive tremendous support and resources as leaders, and the congregation has access to resources and seminars that are better than we could do on our own. Our affiliation also enables us to more effectively support church planting, caring for pastors in need, raising up new leaders for the future of the church and missions, and contribute to so many other valuable opportunities.

Currently our very own Family Life Pastor, Jeremy Shelley, leads the Great Lakes East Region youth ministers network.

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